Change Could Happen

Change could happen, but prayers needed to mend. Change could happen if we read our bible like we planned . Change could happen if we took a stand. The thing is change doesn’t happen when we are dead. Change doesn’t happen When we lay in bed. Change doesn’t happen when we do all, but whatContinue reading “Change Could Happen”

There is a moment

There is a moment when dust collects on the things we love. There is a moment when it’s song is lost to us. There is a moment when it fades from our pleasant thoughts. There is a moment of sadness, when it’s never sought. But don’t you dare forget. There is a moment when theContinue reading “There is a moment”


Man chooses to put there trust in riches and things. My trust is in someone who redeems. The wise man works hard to find comfort in things. The fool does the same without thinking. They pay handsomely for anything. God paid the ransom over everything. Eternity is waiting and it doesn’t care who it’s taking.Continue reading “PSALM 49”

Little Heart inside my chest.

Little heart inside my chest, I am sorry I haven’t given you my best. Somethings move you forward, and somethings hold you back. What is it that made falter? Would you please not look back? Does your soul need stiches? I am sorry It feels like you can’t fix this. Can I hold you closeContinue reading “Little Heart inside my chest.”

Rise or fall

Do you ask me to rise or fall? This order seems to tall. Loneness grips often hard, leaving feelings of being marred. I want to run far away, I don’t want to do this today! Chip away at my heart of stone. I can’t do this on my own. Weather I rise or fall, IContinue reading “Rise or fall”