It was not easy to say goodbye that day. Even harder since you died that way.I was told to hold it together, Show no emotions for her.I went to church stone faced, All my emotions were misplaced.For years I trudged on without a second thought. Ignorance was how I fought.Till one silent night I laid,Continue reading “Mourn”

Magic in the Air

Magic is in the air.From the ground to the sky.I see it everywhere.I marvel at the sight.My lungs expand,to smell the air once again.I never planned,to feel this again.To be alive after being like the clouds opening wide.Letting water pour from our lots.Not worried about pride.Yes, magic is in the air.I think I mightContinue reading “Magic in the Air”

Bitter seeds did Grow

Bitter seeds did grow.My hardened heart was soiled.The weeds began to take root,clouding my eyes with gloom.It took over the flowering garden,Causing it to wither in darkness.How do bitter seeds grow?I don’t think I will fully know.What I do know is this,no one wants bitterness.For bitter seeds do grow,where you wanted a home. R.d. Jess

The Strom

Lightning is a scary sight, when you watch it strike with furry.It’s thunder gave me a fright, while my eye’s became blurry.Too long did the clouds hover, with feelings of doom.Its shadows had me covered, never to return back to you.Until one small moment appeared, when the light glistened.All my fear disappeared, and I satContinue reading “The Strom”

Play the Movie back

Play the movie backwhen you’re discouraged.Rewind the pastand find your courage.Hidden within the scenes,a shadow is cast.A spot light on your dreamsforeshadows your future facts.Remember the journeyand follow the clues.To find you are made holy,life lives inside you.Play the movie backwhen your confused,Rewind the pastFor all that made you, you;Let it remind you,that this isContinue reading “Play the Movie back”

Lost to You

It’s a lie that seeps deep in your mind. While the truth seems so aloof.A lie is like a thousand knives.Penetrating the smallest trait.Its tactic is all one trick.To Confuse and defuse.What makes you sure should be treasured.Write it down to be re-found.Read it over and over, to rediscover.what you thought was lost to you.Continue reading “Lost to You”

Words of a Cynic

It’s amazing what a word can do. A mighty word could fill the room.Words can build bridges or create hedges.They can spur on wars or close that door.Words are more than something said and they don’t disappear when the pillow hits the head.Words could be something great, if we didn’t fill them with hate.Use thatContinue reading “Words of a Cynic”

For the First Time.

For the first time I wanted to chuck something at the wall.For the first time I couldn’t stand tall.Yet, For the first time I knew what I liked.For the first time I was filled with delight.For the first time I knew that fear made me a slave.don’t fear, freedom is already paved.I have a wayContinue reading “For the First Time.”