Under The Law

Under the law I made myself My self doubt became a cry for help.I forced selflessnessBy making myself less.In turn I became the villain.I turned into the ephesians.What a Pharisee I am.I was afraid of man.Holier I tried to be.Frustrated that they could not see,Why I was so lowly.Truth be told, that wasn’t holy.Reframe the pictureContinue reading “Under The Law”


I need a knight in shining armor,But the tower took its toll.I took all the courage I could muster,And re-wrote the stories told.I picked up the sword,And fought the dragon.People begin to spread the word.My fight has just begun.I mounted my trusted horse,Over and over again.To set a course,For the rest who live in theContinue reading “KNIGHT IN SHINING ARMOR”

No, Not Again

No, not again! No, Not another man. The flex and flowOf all that I know.I thought I was still But the battle could kill.I don’t want you,I wish that was true.I’m moving onIs that wrong?One glimpse and I’m falling,High hopes left me balling.No, Not again!Falling in love with a man.Back and forth, my head hurts.Emotions began to burst.CanContinue reading “No, Not Again”