Hold Me

Hold my hand, don’t let me go. My stumbling feet are shaking from the fall. Hold me close, don’t let me go. My shivering body needs a warm embrace. Hold my face, don’t let it go. My weeping eyes can’t see past the waterfall. R.D. Jess


Can I sit with you? Can you hold me close? Can I curl up in your arms? Can you just let me cry? Can I see your compassion? Can you wipe my tears away? Can I feel your warmth? Can you stay a while? Can I revert to a child? Can you mend my pain?Continue reading “Can?”

If I found peace

If peace was a place, It would be worth every cent I pay. A smile would spread across my face, as I would enjoy it’s beauty every day. I would breathe in the fresh breeze, and finally think I am free. I’d find courage like you wouldn’t believe. Leap off a cliff and spread myContinue reading “If I found peace”


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Take delight in the Lord and He will give you your heart’s desires.

This is the desire God has given my heart. To bless you with my writing and hopefully to make you feel a little less alone.

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