In the hands of a NarcissistYou will never be yourself.You will need their help, they will insist.Their power could convince oneself,An escape is never enough.You will feel the needTo tell everyone, how you’re not tough.Because you are trapped by the implanted seed.That gave them complete control,Years past the escape.They will still have a tight hold,OnContinue reading “Narcissist”


THE CORRUPTED SERIES -CORRUPTION Fourteen kids sat at the feet of old Bonnie Anners. Week after week, the small frail old cyborg woman gathered the children to tell them about the Maker. The children clung to their stuffed animals on her living room floor. Old Bonnie Anners had the kids full attention. “The room wasContinue reading “(CORRUPTION)”

So Easy to Become Bitter

So easy it is to become bitter. When you’re around those with no-filter. Ugly jokes are never funny, I just played the card of the dummy. When in reality you just hurt me. Building up my insecurity. I wonder why I mocked myself when you’re not around, Then I heard it come from your mouth.Continue reading “So Easy to Become Bitter”


It was not easy to say goodbye that day. Even harder since you died that way.I was told to hold it together, Show no emotions for her.I went to church stone faced, All my emotions were misplaced.For years I trudged on without a second thought. Ignorance was how I fought.Till one silent night I laid,Continue reading “Mourn”


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