Silently Scream

She let’s out a silent scream. How can that be? Carefully she proceeds, just trying to breathe. She dries her own eyes, and says she’s fine. because they don’t see, they say it’s a lie. But believe me, she’s tried. That’ why she silently cry’s. If her silence makes you wonder why? She will tellContinue reading “Silently Scream”


I tried to preserve what I could not keep. As if, it was all up to me. I clung to what I could not hold. Pressing hard to be bold. In the end I could not grasp, what was never meant to last. Afraid to fall out of their love. well it took a fallContinue reading “Preserve”

So Close

So Close, yet out of reach is how I feel about everything. So near I wish I could touch, maybe it is all to much? It slips through my fingers tips. Warm tears and shattered hearts. To be so close, yet so far. Where your insides fall apart. you hold it together, all those shatteredContinue reading “So Close”


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Take delight in the Lord and He will give you your heart’s desires.

This is the desire God has given my heart. To bless you with my writing and hopefully to make you feel a little less alone.

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