If I found peace

If peace was a place, It would be worth every cent I pay. A smile would spread across my face, as I would enjoy it’s beauty every day. I would breathe in the fresh breeze, and finally think I am free. I’d find courage like you wouldn’t believe. Leap off a cliff and spread myContinue reading “If I found peace”

Big Regrets

My Biggest Regret is letting what people thought of me, become me. I didn’t grow into being brave, I had to unbury that grave. Your actions told me to stay, and I quietly obeyed. You called my gentleness, shy and never let me grow past that place. Sometimes I wonder if anyone can see pastContinue reading “Big Regrets”

Shattered Me

Shattered me on the floor. I know we have been here before. Slowly I watch my self fall. A story kept silent from all. Scattered pieces glued once before. I watch the glistening piece’s on the floor. Carefully kneel to the ground. Will not all who are lost be found? Shattered, am I really shattered?Continue reading “Shattered Me”

Collection of Good Friday/Easter poems

Silence was His lips Silence is a mighty sound. Commonly found in history. Silent was my savior, In times of waiting for His favor. Now watch Him enter. Under the shoats and palms, Laid alms to a king. Silence holds a heavy weight to be seen. As if it knows that waiting events. A silentContinue reading “Collection of Good Friday/Easter poems”

In the Mirror

Sometimes I look in the mirror, just to see compassion in someone’s eyes. I look long into the sorrow in my weeping friends demise. Sometimes I talk to myself in the mirror, just so someone will listen to me. I listen close to the hidden words breaking. Sometimes I smile in the mirror, just toContinue reading “In the Mirror”

Change Could Happen

Change could happen, but prayers needed to mend. Change could happen if we read our bible like we planned . Change could happen if we took a stand. The thing is change doesn’t happen when we are dead. Change doesn’t happen When we lay in bed. Change doesn’t happen when we do all, but whatContinue reading “Change Could Happen”