Up thy mount I go to sacrifice man.In its place I find a ram.Did mercy climb thy mount with me?To watch me surrender everything.My blade raised high to finish the deed.When mercy’s ram called me free.Breath of relief filled my lungs.There my heavy heart hung.On thy mount of sacrifice.Where my faith was multiplied,And God’s goodnessContinue reading “MOUNT SACRIFICE”


Restored The corrupted series. William closed the side panel on his latest client. “There you go Mike. You should have no more problems with that sensor for a while.” Mike threw on his hat, “Thanks man I owe you one! How much is this one going to cost?”  “Think of this as a going awayContinue reading “THE END OF THE CORRUPTED SERIES (RESTORED)”


REBOOT BY- R.D. JESS Charlie screamed at the top of his lungs, “This a cruel joke!”. He wished he could grab the closest thing to him and chuck it at the wall. The glass mug would shatter against the surface, giving him some release. He grabbed his head and continued to scream at the unknownContinue reading “REBOOT (THE CORRUPTED SERIES)”


THE CORRUPTED SERIES -CORRUPTION Fourteen kids sat at the feet of old Bonnie Anners. Week after week, the small frail old cyborg woman gathered the children to tell them about the Maker. The children clung to their stuffed animals on her living room floor. Old Bonnie Anners had the kids full attention. “The room wasContinue reading “(CORRUPTION)”