When I was scared

When I was scared you held my hand, Until I found the brighter land.When I cried at night,You held me tight.When I thought it was over,You helped me recover.When I was alone,You walked me home.And all of this to say,You heard what I prayed.What a loving God you are.To stay when things get hard.For meContinue reading “When I was scared”


Hang the lights on the tree, blinking in a steady stream.sounds of the holiday sings, a little baby dreams.Lattes topped with foam, Carlos sung all the way home.Look past all the fun traditions and all these feel good situations.Christmas is so much more, when you realize you are forgiven and adored.Joy comes when you hangContinue reading “HANG THE LIGHTS”

Hello silence

Hello?I’m speaking into the silence. I was wondering if I could talk to you…You don’t have to listen, you don’t have to respond.All I need is to share my burden with you.You see… Well maybe you don’t, that doesn’t matter.I just need to unload the burden of a heavy heart.I’m not saying what I believe,Continue reading “Hello silence”

Silently Scream

She let’s out a silent scream. How can that be?Carefully she proceeds,just trying to breathe.She dries her own eyes,and says she’s fine.because they don’t see,They say it’s a lie.But believe me,She’s tried.That’s why she silently cries.If her silence makes you wonder why?She will tell you why she’s not fine.you’ll tell her how to be.Your wordsContinue reading “Silently Scream”