I rest my soul in a loving God.Knowing one day my pain will be gone.For every mile walked in the valley,A thousand more among the lilies.My soul does trust Him.Faithful he has always been.When suffering left me questioning.My assurance was purifying  -R.D. Jess-


Mainframe The Corrupted Series, by R.D.Jess  She slipped the key in the lock. The keys jingled as her hands shook. The latch clicked and she quickly pulled herself inside. Once the door closed behind her, Gwen slid to the ground and slumped like a rag doll. She wanted to cry, but no tears came. “WhyContinue reading “MAINFRAME (THE CORRUPTED SERIES)”


I drown my sorrows in a cup of tea. Late nights filled me with tears, I couldn’t see.Run to my comforter, Praying for comfort.I could not run to another human being,For they always left me seething.Is there no more compassion?Man lives for their prideful passions. Come find me, my king.Come find me, before sin captures me.Continue reading “COME FIND ME”

Twas Sweet

I remember what was sweet.I remember you and me.Our relationship could not be beat.For it twas sweet.Yet years made me weak.Fighting always to please.It became a game of knowing everything.Perfection became a need.Childlike faith became obsolete. I remember it twas sweet.Please return to me.Find me under the tree.Where we used to meet.God I want to believe,ThatContinue reading “Twas Sweet”

Newsletter Jan 11th 2023

A New Chapter Sea of sorrows By – R.D. Jess Into the belly of the sea I must go. To find the sinking ship and it’s sorrows. To learn what caused it to sink below. And why it’s ghost always follows. The raging sea and thunder clashed. The sound of jumping ship splashed. Cold tearsContinue reading “Newsletter Jan 11th 2023”

When I was scared

When I was scared you held my hand, Until I found the brighter land.When I cried at night,You held me tight.When I thought it was over,You helped me recover.When I was alone,You walked me home.And all of this to say,You heard what I prayed.What a loving God you are.To stay when things get hard.For meContinue reading “When I was scared”


Hang the lights on the tree, blinking in a steady stream.sounds of the holiday sings, a little baby dreams.Lattes topped with foam, Carlos sung all the way home.Look past all the fun traditions and all these feel good situations.Christmas is so much more, when you realize you are forgiven and adored.Joy comes when you hangContinue reading “HANG THE LIGHTS”