Up thy mount I go to sacrifice man.In its place I find a ram.Did mercy climb thy mount with me?To watch me surrender everything.My blade raised high to finish the deed.When mercy’s ram called me free.Breath of relief filled my lungs.There my heavy heart hung.On thy mount of sacrifice.Where my faith was multiplied,And God’s goodnessContinue reading “MOUNT SACRIFICE”


Waters don’t always fall.Harvest isn’t always in the fall.Good doesn’t always receive good.Things don’t always go as they should.But I trust the God over it all.Even if the rain doesn’t fall.Even if there is no food in the fall.My God is good to all.No evil has me shaken.No sorrow has me breakin.I trust the workContinue reading “DOESN’T ALWAYS”


Still breeze and softer sings.The little birdy telling me.Not one sparrow, not one sorrow.Is not seen by thy heavenly king.For all that we know,God has faithfully shown.That he clothes the flowers,In their desperate hours.That his justices pursues,The weight of truth.Whether today I find reliefor I am kept in my grief.I trust the hands that madeContinue reading “SOFTER SINGS”


My dearest friend, Suffering.Thank you for the gift called hurting.At first I was mad at you.Thinking you had lost it too!Now I see it differently.It was a much needed journey.At first I thought you were an enemy.Plotting to destroy me.I can’t thank you enough for what you did.Shining a light on the things I hid. ThankContinue reading “MY DEAREST FRIEND, SUFFERING”