Mainframe The Corrupted Series, by R.D.Jess  She slipped the key in the lock. The keys jingled as her hands shook. The latch clicked and she quickly pulled herself inside. Once the door closed behind her, Gwen slid to the ground and slumped like a rag doll. She wanted to cry, but no tears came. “WhyContinue reading “MAINFRAME (THE CORRUPTED SERIES)”

Shattered Me

Shattered me on the floor. I know we have been here before. Slowly I watch my self fall. A story kept silent from all. Scattered pieces glued once before. I watch the glistening piece’s on the floor. Carefully kneel to the ground. Will not all who are lost be found? Shattered, am I really shattered?Continue reading “Shattered Me”

Rise or fall

Do you ask me to rise or fall? This order seems to tall. Loneness grips often hard, leaving feelings of being marred. I want to run far away, I don’t want to do this today! Chip away at my heart of stone. I can’t do this on my own. Weather I rise or fall, IContinue reading “Rise or fall”