Big Regrets

My Biggest Regret is letting what people thought of me, become me. I didn’t grow into being brave, I had to unbury that grave. Your actions told me to stay, and I quietly obeyed. You called my gentleness, shy and never let me grow past that place. Sometimes I wonder if anyone can see pastContinue reading “Big Regrets”

Shattered Me

Shattered me on the floor. I know we have been here before. Slowly I watch my self fall. A story kept silent from all. Scattered pieces glued once before. I watch the glistening piece’s on the floor. Carefully kneel to the ground. Will not all who are lost be found? Shattered, am I really shattered?Continue reading “Shattered Me”

Collection of Good Friday/Easter poems

Silence was His lips Silence is a mighty sound. Commonly found in history. Silent was my savior, In times of waiting for His favor. Now watch Him enter. Under the shoats and palms, Laid alms to a king. Silence holds a heavy weight to be seen. As if it knows that waiting events. A silentContinue reading “Collection of Good Friday/Easter poems”

In the Mirror

Sometimes I look in the mirror, just to see compassion in someone’s eyes. I look long into the sorrow in my weeping friends demise. Sometimes I talk to myself in the mirror, just so someone will listen to me. I listen close to the hidden words breaking. Sometimes I smile in the mirror, just toContinue reading “In the Mirror”