I drown my sorrows in a cup of tea. Late nights filled me with tears, I couldn’t see.Run to my comforter, Praying for comfort.I could not run to another human being,For they always left me seething.Is there no more compassion?Man lives for their prideful passions. Come find me, my king.Come find me, before sin captures me.Continue reading “COME FIND ME”

Twas Sweet

I remember what was sweet.I remember you and me.Our relationship could not be beat.For it twas sweet.Yet years made me weak.Fighting always to please.It became a game of knowing everything.Perfection became a need.Childlike faith became obsolete. I remember it twas sweet.Please return to me.Find me under the tree.Where we used to meet.God I want to believe,ThatContinue reading “Twas Sweet”

When I was scared

When I was scared you held my hand, Until I found the brighter land.When I cried at night,You held me tight.When I thought it was over,You helped me recover.When I was alone,You walked me home.And all of this to say,You heard what I prayed.What a loving God you are.To stay when things get hard.For meContinue reading “When I was scared”


Hang the lights on the tree, blinking in a steady stream.sounds of the holiday sings, a little baby dreams.Lattes topped with foam, Carlos sung all the way home.Look past all the fun traditions and all these feel good situations.Christmas is so much more, when you realize you are forgiven and adored.Joy comes when you hangContinue reading “HANG THE LIGHTS”


The flesh and the spirit have torn me in two.The flesh and the spirit, what should I do?The spring waters my soul,But weeding takes its toll.I long to one day be complete.I long one day to be fully me.It’s a joy to live in obedience.Victory, the missing ingredient.The spirit is willing, but the flesh isContinue reading “THE FLESH AND THE SPIRIT”


In the hands of a NarcissistYou will never be yourself.You will need their help, they will insist.Their power could convince oneself,An escape is never enough.You will feel the needTo tell everyone, how you’re not tough.Because you are trapped by the implanted seed.That gave them complete control,Years past the escape.They will still have a tight hold,OnContinue reading “Narcissist”

So Easy to Become Bitter

So easy it is to become bitter. When you’re around those with no-filter. Ugly jokes are never funny, I just played the card of the dummy. When in reality you just hurt me. Building up my insecurity. I wonder why I mocked myself when you’re not around, Then I heard it come from your mouth.Continue reading “So Easy to Become Bitter”