THE CORRUPTED SERIES -CORRUPTION Fourteen kids sat at the feet of old Bonnie Anners. Week after week, the small frail old cyborg woman gathered the children to tell them about the Maker. The children clung to their stuffed animals on her living room floor. Old Bonnie Anners had the kids full attention. “The room wasContinue reading “(CORRUPTION)”

Oh, Holy Tired

Gwen screamed “I want the blue one now!” and I was sure the whole neighborhood could hear. what are you supposed to do when your toddler doesn’t get her way, I never could figure that one out. Her face was red and her hands were clenched. I was afraid this fiasco would never end. AllContinue reading “Oh, Holy Tired”

Sea of Monsters

All aboard, the ship is almost ready to depart! Those are some of the most exciting words anyone can hear when they have lived to long in one place. Every one has bright eyes and a little extra peep in their step. You can see we are all ready to move on. I am readyContinue reading “Sea of Monsters”

Good bye Road

Good bye, I never thought I would be the one to say those words. I never thought in a million years I would be so ready for this adventure. I wonder if anyone will see this coming, or if they assumed it was just a phase? My room should be evident of that, I haveContinue reading “Good bye Road”

A burdensome sword

The sword moves from hand to hand, scratching and grazing the ground. The weight is to much for the handler to bear. Get up and fight for your day, at least that is what the sun would say. There is a dragon to face and a battle to win. Its fire blows a blaze, etchingContinue reading “A burdensome sword”

Haunted By you

Is it possible to be haunted? this is a loaded question, one that kept my mind awake. So I climbed out of bed and put the kettle on. Let me tell you why I can’t sleep tonight. I hear their giggles from long ago; a life changing moment, it had been a long time sinceContinue reading “Haunted By you”

Peter at Calvary

His eyes looked back at me, the roosters squawk still ringing in my ears. I recount His words alongside mine. Three times, three times I denied my Lord. Just as He said and what I said I would never do. Is it truly possible to be numb and still move? Time moves in slow motion,Continue reading “Peter at Calvary”


Good teacher we once called Him, now what has happened. I Have joined a crowed screaming crucify Him, didn’t I love You? It is all to confusing. Jesus you were perfect, you knew just what to say and when to say it. You Were silent; if only you spoke, you would have been found innocent.Continue reading “Easter”