Still breeze and softer sings.The little birdy telling me.Not one sparrow, not one sorrow.Is not seen by thy heavenly king.For all that we know,God has faithfully shown.That he clothes the flowers,In their desperate hours.That his justices pursues,The weight of truth.Whether today I find reliefor I am kept in my grief.I trust the hands that madeContinue reading “SOFTER SINGS”

May 3rd 2023

May’s Newsletter Have you ever sat thinking about what your doing in life? I sat on my great grandma’s chair on March 23rd thinking I just couldn’t win. I came across another hurtle with my job and I just broke up with my boyfriend. I knew people were upset with me about leaving my churchContinue reading “May 3rd 2023”

No, Not Again

No, not again! No, Not another man. The flex and flowOf all that I know.I thought I was still But the battle could kill.I don’t want you,I wish that was true.I’m moving onIs that wrong?One glimpse and I’m falling,High hopes left me balling.No, Not again!Falling in love with a man.Back and forth, my head hurts.Emotions began to burst.CanContinue reading “No, Not Again”

Look Long and Vast Down the glittering Glass

Look long and vast down the glittering glass,And see what stories come from the past.Listen carefully to the crashing thunder.Take care to pounder.Your traveling on a shaky ground,Where many get lost and never are found.That wild fox is from nature,When hurt they see danger.Walk slow,Speak low,and pray that you can tame,While staying alive all theContinue reading “Look Long and Vast Down the glittering Glass”

Silently Scream

She let’s out a silent scream. How can that be?Carefully she proceeds,just trying to breathe.She dries her own eyes,and says she’s fine.because they don’t see,They say it’s a lie.But believe me,She’s tried.That’s why she silently cries.If her silence makes you wonder why?She will tell you why she’s not’ll tell her how to be.Your wordsContinue reading “Silently Scream”