Chivalry. Is it dead, or are we killing it?

Are We Killing Chivalry? My Thoughts on why all the good man are gone, and how we can fix it. I recognize this post might not make some people happy. We live in a world where men and women are pinned against each other. Either way I am still willing to call to light whatContinue reading “Chivalry. Is it dead, or are we killing it?”

When the Holiday’s hit

Goodness it’s almost near. Celebration is hear. We gather to remember Not just for a dinner. Not a glut-ness event But filled with thankfulness. A dedicated time to reflect Because heaven knows we forget. R.D.Jess I wrote this for Thanksgiving and I guess time flew by so fast I missed posting this in time. AContinue reading “When the Holiday’s hit”

To all of you out at sea

Time does a lot to a person, especially in this world. Time had made my heart grow hard and cold. I lost a lot of life and spirit. I would try to explain why getting up out of bed every day was hard, why I felt overwhelmed. I shared as a way to find someoneContinue reading “To all of you out at sea”

Good bye Road

Good bye, I never thought I would be the one to say those words. I never thought in a million years I would be so ready for this adventure. I wonder if anyone will see this coming, or if they assumed it was just a phase? My room should be evident of that, I haveContinue reading “Good bye Road”

Just food for thought/ June 22

Everything has a price, but what price do you want to pay? People always told me that I needed to stand up for myself, so I did. I hated who I was when I stood up for myself. So I had to ask myself what price did I want to pay. Become someone who hurtsContinue reading “Just food for thought/ June 22”

Winner /Genna Eberhard .

Thanks for sharing your written work, it is always fun to share this love of the written art. The winner is Genna Eberhard ! I loved how she painted the picture while allowing a sweet song of the words to flow. Which is great since it is written as a song. It really spoke toContinue reading “Winner /Genna Eberhard .”

Haunted By you

Is it possible to be haunted? this is a loaded question, one that kept my mind awake. So I climbed out of bed and put the kettle on. Let me tell you why I can’t sleep tonight. I hear their giggles from long ago; a life changing moment, it had been a long time sinceContinue reading “Haunted By you”

The Story Behind Easter

Have you ever wondered what the story of Easter was about? What we are celebrating, and why we are celebrating it? I don’t know about you but I like looking up these kinds of stories. I have looked up the story behind saint Patrick’s day and the story of how we got our beloved coffee.Continue reading “The Story Behind Easter”