March 8th 2023 Newsletter

Newsletter March 2023 Renewed Dreams purpose I wrote a newsletter about a big decision I made. Where is it now? For now it will wait in my google docs with all my brewing stories and poems. Something has been brought to my attention that I think I should address. Let’s start with a story. OnceContinue reading “March 8th 2023 Newsletter”

Newsletter Jan 11th 2023

A New Chapter Sea of sorrows By – R.D. Jess Into the belly of the sea I must go. To find the sinking ship and it’s sorrows. To learn what caused it to sink below. And why it’s ghost always follows. The raging sea and thunder clashed. The sound of jumping ship splashed. Cold tearsContinue reading “Newsletter Jan 11th 2023”

December Newsletter

The Greatest Gift December Newsletter by R.D. Jess Lights are being strung on the house’s. Families are gathering together to decorate the Christmas tree. Parties and presents keep us running around. Tis the season of chaos and Jesus. It’s the season full of joy and angry shoppers. Where both the closeness of a family isContinue reading “December Newsletter”

October Newsletter

The Unmaking by Nichole Nordeman “This is where the walls gave wayThis is demolition dayAll the debris and all this dustWhat is left of what once wasSorting through what goes and what should stayEvery stone I laid for youAs if you had asked me toMonument to holy thingsEmpty talk and circlingIsn’t that what we’re supposedContinue reading “October Newsletter”