Warm Tears

Warm tears fall slowly. Warm tears are lowly. Trickle, Trickle they did. Trickle, Trickle within. Streams of sorrow met. Streams as I laid in bed. Warm water sooths the heat. Warm waters comfort me. -R.D. Jess


Man chooses to put there trust in riches and things. My trust is in someone who redeems. The wise man works hard to find comfort in things. The fool does the same without thinking. They pay handsomely for anything. God paid the ransom over everything. Eternity is waiting and it doesn’t care who it’s taking.Continue reading “PSALM 49”

Little Heart inside my chest.

Little heart inside my chest, I am sorry I haven’t given you my best. Somethings move you forward, and somethings hold you back. What is it that made falter? Would you please not look back? Does your soul need stiches? I am sorry It feels like you can’t fix this. Can I hold you closeContinue reading “Little Heart inside my chest.”

Rise or fall

Do you ask me to rise or fall? This order seems to tall. Loneness grips often hard, leaving feelings of being marred. I want to run far away, I don’t want to do this today! Chip away at my heart of stone. I can’t do this on my own. Weather I rise or fall, IContinue reading “Rise or fall”

Should I forget

Should I forget your love, bitterness would take place. Should I forget my mission, I would slowly decay. Should I forget your grace, I would be buried in a grave. Should I forget our covenant love, you would still remain. Should I forget the cost you payed, would you remember my name? Should I forgetContinue reading “Should I forget”

Watch Them

Watch them Lord, please I pray. Let my tears share with you what I can’t say. Hold them fast tonight. Hold them with all your might. Too young they are indeed. For someone to abuse them for their needs. Watch them Lord I pray. Because It can’t stay this way. -R.D. Jess Since 2010 JanuaryContinue reading “Watch Them”

In Fields of Quiet Peace

We who are weary should not tarry. Rise up, and leave what you have carried. Lay it down and become something new. The time to start over, is over due. I know of a pasture with a gentle shepherd. where quiet waters don’t scare the herd. I am going to plant some flowers of Gold.Continue reading “In Fields of Quiet Peace”