Joy, What does that really mean? Joy was not wrapped up in presents for you or me. Joy was not found in the songs we used to sing. Countless parties left me thinking. No, joy is more than all these things. It is not warped up in ribbons of green. Nor, does it come withContinue reading “Joy”

Trust in Thee

Faithful you are and faithful you’ll be. My weary heart trusts in thee. I will wait for your promise patiently. on this side of heaven it may not be. Still my weary heart trust in thee. Gracious you have always been to me. Preserving the good you see. Yes, my weary heart trust in thee.Continue reading “Trust in Thee”


We wake every morning half asleep, stumbling over everything. Wake up! I call out yet not a word is to be found. We are a tired nation fast asleep. We walk around with our eyes closed, no wonder we are sinking deep. Will someone awaken me? Seriously this is breaking me. What happened to family,Continue reading “Awaken”

Oh Lady of the Night

Oh Lady of the night will you let me sleep tonight? My feet are aching, my mind is racing. Oh Lady of the night, may I request to sleep tight? A place to unwind, and find peace of mind. Oh Lady of the night, can this not be a fight? I want to be friends,Continue reading “Oh Lady of the Night”

Little white flower

Little white flower, look at what brought you here. once a seed buried deep under, You didn’t grow on your own power . You didn’t pull yourself up from the dirt. No, you were nurtured and watered. Then the sun pulled you up from the ground. I too, was buried deep under, I could notContinue reading “Little white flower”