October Newsletter

The Unmaking by Nichole Nordeman “This is where the walls gave wayThis is demolition dayAll the debris and all this dustWhat is left of what once wasSorting through what goes and what should stayEvery stone I laid for youAs if you had asked me toMonument to holy thingsEmpty talk and circlingIsn’t that what we’re supposedContinue reading “October Newsletter”

Lost to You

It’s a lie that seeps deep in your mind. While the truth seems so aloof.A lie is like a thousand knives.Penetrating the smallest trait.Its tactic is all one trick.To Confuse and defuse.What makes you sure should be treasured.Write it down to be re-found.Read it over and over, to rediscover.what you thought was lost to you.Continue reading “Lost to You”

Words of a Cynic

It’s amazing what a word can do. A mighty word could fill the room.Words can build bridges or create hedges.They can spur on wars or close that door.Words are more than something said and they don’t disappear when the pillow hits the head.Words could be something great, if we didn’t fill them with hate.Use thatContinue reading “Words of a Cynic”

Chivalry. Is it dead, or are we killing it?

Are We Killing Chivalry? My Thoughts on why all the good man are gone, and how we can fix it. I recognize this post might not make some people happy. We live in a world where men and women are pinned against each other. Either way I am still willing to call to light whatContinue reading “Chivalry. Is it dead, or are we killing it?”

For the First Time.

For the first time I wanted to chuck something at the wall.For the first time I couldn’t stand tall.Yet, For the first time I knew what I liked.For the first time I was filled with delight.For the first time I knew that fear made me a slave.don’t fear, freedom is already paved.I have a wayContinue reading “For the First Time.”

Hello silence

Hello?I’m speaking into the silence. I was wondering if I could talk to you…You don’t have to listen, you don’t have to respond.All I need is to share my burden with you.You see… Well maybe you don’t, that doesn’t matter.I just need to unload the burden of a heavy heart.I’m not saying what I believe,Continue reading “Hello silence”

Until I Can Be Me

Dark cloud’s hung over my head.I can’t remember since when,but it’s always messed with my head.I know I should feel the coolness of the wind.yet it never touches my skin.It’s an out of body experience,one that makes you look within.To find the brilliance.Still I have seen the sunand I’ve touched the rain.That tells me theContinue reading “Until I Can Be Me”