Hello silence


I’m speaking into the silence. I was wondering if I could talk to you…

You don’t have to listen, you don’t have to respond.

All I need is to share my burden with you.

You see… Well maybe you don’t, that doesn’t matter.

I just need to unload the burden of a heavy heart.

I’m not saying what I believe, but I see how one goes insane.

Listen please, I am saying hello to the silence.

A nicer way of saying “talking to myself”…

Maybe I should say this later, or maybe in a letter.

Would that be to bold… Here it goes

Hello Silence?

It’s been a while since we talked. I was thinking of all those peaceful days.

Those were some good times weren’t they? My life isn’t as quiet as it use to be.

Many things scream for my attention and won’t let me breathe.

My heart beats for that old sweet song. Who knew that you would be long gone.

So, dear silence enough about me. How are you? Who did you become to be?

Please tell me everything.

-Sincerely me

-R.D. Jess

Published by reneweddream

I am a lover of writings and over the years I have collected a handful of poems and stories I have written. The more I wrote the more I realized I should do something with it, besides putting it in a box.

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