The Lone Road

The Lone Road. By R.D. Jess The path I most travel is scorched by the sun,Long and hard I travel alone.My burdens wearing my soul,Where will it lead?where is my home?And what will I profit,from the road I must travel alone?An oasis of green,Presented before me,And beyond my reach.What will that land have in store?FlowingContinue reading “The Lone Road”

Dear younger siblings

Dear younger siblings, it’s been mind boggling to try to explain my mind, and how time doesn’t make things fine. I look at you now and think holy cow. I have made mistakes, it wasn’t a piece of cake. all the things I taught you seem to be missed used. I hope I taught youContinue reading “Dear younger siblings”


I’ve heard its a Relationship not a Religion, then what is it we believe in? We separate Religion and relationship, as if this will keep us from crashing a ship. But I believe this is wrong, I don’t want to be a sounding gong. Are you saying you believe in a relationship? I guess IContinue reading “Religion”


Havel, the meaning of meaning-less. The point were life is lost. unless you have God, Here, then were, then gone. life without a care, The direction is unclear. Without a compass near, Here, then were, then gone. Having all is having none. Find God, find yourself, Having all? Here, then were, then gone. -R.D. Jess

Gratitude’s attitude

Gratitude I had an attitude Thankfulness I was ungrateful for this My appreciation turned to hatred ,I recognize it’s greatness How could I be such a mess, my respect wasn’t checked I realized I use to be more than this, maybe it’s selfishness Why is it hard to fight this, it’s dissonance isn’t innocent GratitudeContinue reading “Gratitude’s attitude”


The step was not there The shock was unreal held close and dear then here no more loved and missed gone like the step my heart dropped with a thud in my chest waiting for him looking out the window for something no more fine but broken tears, friends and smiles mends the broken piecesContinue reading “THE STEP”