Young women are told what to believe.
Just smile as they cut you deep.
If you’re young you’re treated as a fool.
Miss used and treated as a tool.
I am a fool, I take the lashes,
And smile as everyone passes.
Oh, to be old one day.
To not be looked down on because of my age.
Please stop making comments about my body.
You should know there is more to everybody.
Maybe you don’t know this.
Maybe that’s why you mistreat me, Miss.
It starts young,
Where your values are hung.
If you’re treated as a fool,
You become a fool.
But if you’re seen wise,
Boy, they’ll watch you rise.
Young women are potential to be made.
Not your past on display.

R.D. Jess

Published by

Hi, I am R.D. Jess. I am a christian writer and postpartum doula. My relationship with my God is not a religion but a state of who I am. I love being there for others and find that writing the hard truth is the best way to make people feel less alone.

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