For the First Time.

For the first time I wanted to chuck something at the wall.For the first time I couldn’t stand tall.Yet, For the first time I knew what I liked.For the first time I was filled with delight.For the first time I knew that fear made me a slave.don’t fear, freedom is already paved.I have a wayContinue reading “For the First Time.”

If I found peace

If peace was a place, It would be worth every cent I pay. A smile would spread across my face, as I would enjoy it’s beauty every day. I would breathe in the fresh breeze, and finally think I am free. I’d find courage like you wouldn’t believe. Leap off a cliff and spread myContinue reading “If I found peace”

Oh, Holy Tired

Gwen screamed “I want the blue one now!” and I was sure the whole neighborhood could hear. what are you supposed to do when your toddler doesn’t get her way, I never could figure that one out. Her face was red and her hands were clenched. I was afraid this fiasco would never end. AllContinue reading “Oh, Holy Tired”