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Jessica Smith
Postpartum Doula

Lancaster, CA

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-(661) 524-3727

Hello, I am Jessica!

I’m glad you’re here. “Why?” Well because I know that having a little one join your family changes life in big ways. Your head might already be spinning with all you need to do and what you need to learn. It’s all very overwhelming. I am here to help families navigate the crazy but amazing world of parenthood. As a postpartum doula, I help with the emotional and physical transitions your family will have. Where you need my help is mainly up to you.

As a doula I will not give medical advice, that is out of scope for a doula. I can help you check in with your emotions and help you walk through them. I can help you find a stable routine in your life after the bundle of joy shakes the world you once knew. That could look like me helping cook your meals while you nurse the baby or I could hold your child while you get that much needed sleep. I am here for you, to help you be you. I am a christian doula, who will use christian terms while I work. You do not need to be a christian to receive my services. I only wanted you to know that my faith is not a religion but a state of who I am.

I became a doula because I watched both my older sisters suffer postpartum depression. Life’s not easy after your child is born. There could be dreams you had when the little one comes home. Unfortunately they don’t always come true and things aren’t the way you expected. I am here for you! Even if you only need a shoulder to cry on or receive tips on how to change your baby’s diaper. You are not alone, I am here. If having an extra pair of hands or a compassionate heart nearby is what you need. Feel free to contact me by email or call. I am happy to answer your questions.

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