Master potter

The Master potter, what a funny name for this creator. Some would call him crazy since not all pots he puts on display are perfect. Yet, despite the unperfected clay art, He got the title Master. I couldn’t help myself; if I am honest it all interest me, the beauty over so many pieces. Colors,Continue reading “Master potter”

Can We Change the Past?

I had her in my hands, do you not get that! I can tell you the answer to that, you don’t. You sleep just fine every night while I am haunted by the memory of that day. I keep thinking what I could have done differently to keep her safe? If only I stayed withContinue reading “Can We Change the Past?”

Mary’s struggle

Mary’s Struggle- By Renewed DreamI was so excited, I was in awe. No, I am unsure of those words. It was a horrifying moment, anAngel of the Lord in my house. If there was ever a moment in my life that I felt every emotionpossible at once; it was then. I felt so much fearContinue reading “Mary’s struggle”

The revealing waltz

She stood in a dark room staring at herself, forced to see herself as mirrors lined every inch of a dark room. It called attention to her and how she felt about herself. The young lady stood in a dress adorn in pounds of lace, pearls and diamonds. The dress was black and fit forContinue reading “The revealing waltz”