Silence broken

Its been long and tiring for those of God’s children who long awaited their messiah. Silence kept their sometimes faltering hearts awake. Could you imagine what they had to go threw without the holy spirit inside them? Seems isolated, forgotten, as if all life and hope began to sit. Frozen shards of sin had coveredContinue reading “Silence broken”

God’s reason

Dear Child, Can you see it; Every thing I have done in your life? There are moments in your life that you have asked me why I would allow things to happen in your life. The ones that made no sense and made your head swim. Those moments where you experienced so much pain. youContinue reading “God’s reason”

scrap book

I wonder if scrap books are more to cause us the pain of what we use to have, instead of bringing us joy. I never knew that the pictures captured the bitter sweetness of the future. The bitter sweet future that is my present tense. I touch the pictures as if the human connection wouldContinue reading “scrap book”