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Well Hello there! It’s so nice to meet you. My name is R. D. Jess, I look forward to getting to know who ever is reading this right now. Although That’s not why you clicked on my about me page, now is it? You want to know who is this crazy writer named R.D. Jess is. Well let me tell you a bit about myself. First off I think you would like to know why I am writing poems and stories. Well I have always loved a good story from a young age. In fact I thought most of my children’s books as a kid were plan boring. so, I would make my own story for the picture books. That trait has always stuck with me. Even in high school I couldn’t just write a essay on recycling. I asked my teacher if I could turn it into a series of short stories about love and anger, while describing the recycling process. That was a fun project. It also ended up being a favorite among my peers. All though that was a big contributor, I think the biggest one was a question I would ask myself. “If I knew I had 24hours left to live, what would I do?” Every time I asked myself that question I felt this intense need to write. Yup, no crazy fun adventure before dying. I just needed to write.

I wasn’t writing much then, but with each passing year the need to write has grown. In the year of 2021, I enrolled into this master writing class with a Christian Author named Ted Dekker. It was a wonderful experience. I was able to turn my work into his editor twice and got a good review back both times. Since that class my writing has increased ten fold. I love telling stories that make people feel like their not alone. I long to walk people through their sorrow and point them back to the magic that is still left in this world. I am such a fantasy nerd. I love Lord of the Rings, and the written works of C.S. Lewis. I am blown away by the stories that bring magic back into my life. I struggle with depression on a daily bases, and I need to be reminded of what hope is still left. I am also a Christian writer. I love the Lord and see my stories and poems as a way to glorify My God. I recognize he has created imagination, and is the greatest story of all. My hope is to write stuff that will help people understand the beauty of God through allegories .

I think all this goes without saying, I love reading. Which was not always the case. I was home schooled with my six other siblings. With the exception of a few co-op classes. The books we learned how to read with were the most boring books I ever read. It took my oldest sister reading a book series by Robert Laparuo to change that all around. I love my family, although some of us butt heads. I love sitting down to watch movies and shows with them. I would watch anything from classic black and white movie, to the strangest of anime. My favorite memories of my siblings is when we would all sit around and talk with each other. I have been blessed with an absolutely funny family. Some how that trait skipped over me. Our conversations are always the most precious thing to me.

If you couldn’t tell, I’m the sensitive one. To the point I tell people, “If you think I won’t understand, just tell me and I will feel what you feel.” Yup, you guessed it. I’m an empath. If you don’t know what that is. It’s a person who’s mirror neurons that are hyper sensitive. It’s basically where you feel empathy. Psychopaths mirror neurons don’t work. For me, I walk in the room and feel everyone’s emotions. I think this is one reason writing emotions comes easy. It’s also the reason I take a lot of walks. I need to walk those darn emotions off. Who am I kidding, it’s also because nature is so darn awesome! I wish I was more active in nature, but my family has always been a lunge around the house kind of people. I have been blessed with an experience of some travel. In 2019-early2020 I was enrolled in a Christian gap year with my church. Along with the several bible classes we took with our pastors and Masters University; We also took trips to Israel, Philippines and Mexico. I would highly encourage a study trip to Israel if you ever get the chance. It has helped transform my understanding of the bible tremendously. How about you? What book got you hooked on reading? What was your favorite place you traveled to and why? I would love to hear from you. Thanks for reading and God bless.

-R.D. Jess

It is the air, I know I have breathed it before. A mystery that I crave and long to breathe. Am I starving? Turning blue? I want to breathe the adventure I have made in my head. know the scenes playing before me. Is it a wonder of green, or a thought lost out to sea? I want to meet the villain’s who haunt me and the hero’s of my destiny. To taste the flavor of a world that twist and turns. I want to get lost in the world I write; and be found in the arms of Christ. It is like a hike in the woods, I want to get lost in the world surrounding me. Stop now and breathe in deep. consuming the adventure in between the ink. I smell the dew that hits the soft grass. The sun’s heat calls to light an adventure of the future. Casting a shadow of the past. So why do I write, I write to get lost in the creativity God has given me.

R.D. Jess July 26 2021
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