Good bye Road

Good bye, I never thought I would be the one to say those words. I never thought in a million years I would be so ready for this adventure. I wonder if anyone will see this coming, or if they assumed it was just a phase? My room should be evident of that, I have been clearing it for several years now. Almost sorting through my life and saying good bye. Letting go got easier every time I did another round of getting rid of my stuff. Nothing is left on my shelfs, not even dust.

The blue covered bible is the last to make it to my back pack and the note is left in the type writer. One last glance, making sure I remembered everything. From the clean floors to the made bed it is ready for someone else to take residence. My burden here has been passed, along with ever land mark I once knew. You never expect while your smiling that you will one day leave. Nor do you expect that when that time comes you will be ready.

At crossroads on the desert road. One last chance, I can go back and stay with the path I have been walking. I see their smiles in my head, but I keep thinking it is time to move on. Every moment has a season, and I have been living in the winter for too long. The desert in front and the woods two my right. I adjust the back pack and take a long breath in. Letting the air out I turn down the path to the right. Each step leaving the past behind. Leaving a world that has already left me, taking one step at a time.

Good bye, doesn’t start with the words but with the small actions leading to the good bye. Good bye begins with letting go, and ends on Good Bye Road.

-R. D. Jess

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Hi, I am R.D. Jess. I am a christian writer and postpartum doula. My relationship with my God is not a religion but a state of who I am. I love being there for others and find that writing the hard truth is the best way to make people feel less alone.

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