The Story Behind Easter

Have you ever wondered what the story of Easter was about? What we are celebrating, and why we are celebrating it? I don’t know about you but I like looking up these kinds of stories. I have looked up the story behind saint Patrick’s day and the story of how we got our beloved coffee. I know coffee isn’t a holiday, but I didn’t say I only looked up holidays. All of that is besides the point, the point is the story behind Easter. Easter isn’t about bunnies and eggs believe it or not. Those came around much later after a few cultures decided to add their mythology into the mix. The story of Easter comes from the middle eastern history around A.D. 30. The events are still celebrated today because what that day means to so many lives today.

I am sure though you don’t want all that extra fluff so lets jump right into the story. The story actually starts many years before Easter day. The story starts with The creation of the world. God created the whole world in six days, with all its laws that come along with it. God called it all good including the creatures He made in his image. He called them man (as in mankind), their names where Adam and Eve. God gave them the job to tend to the land and creatures. God had given them Instructions to eat of any fruit of the garden except one tree. The tree was called the tree of knowledge of good and evil. I will explain the name in just a bit, but along with the instructions God told them what their punishment would be if they disobeyed. The punishment was death; I will also explain why that was so sever in just a moment.

During this time mankind and God walked the earth in unity. That all ended the day both the man and woman ate of the fruit God clearly told them not to eat. The reason this is so bad is not only because they ate a piece of fruit but because what eating that fruit meant. The trees name explains that eating that fruit will cause them to deiced for them selves what is right and what is wrong. The reason that was so bad is because how the world was created. Every thing made has rules, the way they work and what will mess up its designed use. Before the fruit was eaten, the world was function as it should. Perfection at its finest.

Since mankind decided to chose what was right and wrong, we run into a clash. Man’s decisions would be like (in our human understanding) deciding a square fits in circular hole. It just doesn’t match up. The other problem is the decision to eat the fruit is disobedience to God. Their act said they doubted God’s Authority, faithfulness, and goodness. That they wanted to be like God, which is ironic since they were made in His image. Not only did they fail in the responsibility, but blamed their failures on others around them. You could see this in more detail in Genesis 3. Like I said from earlier, the punishment for their action was death. God gave them away out of the mess, but God’s character stayed the same.

At this moment in history we see God’s love and justice in perfect balance. He shed the blood of two animals. They would take the place of for Adam and Eve. Their actions would mean they would live in suffering for the rest of their days. The same way humanity is plagued today, just think of everything that went wrong during 2020. These are all responses to man making its own decisions to what is right and wrong. God call’s this sin, and any from of sin is punishable by death. As God had explained. I am trying to summarize a lot of this history in one blog post so bare with me.

The history goes on to capture God’s pursuit of humanity He created. In return humanity turns its face from Him, death and destruction consume us. Yet, we keep asking why there is evil in the world. God set’s in motion a plan to redeem us. He speaks to a few chosen people, revealing hints to his plan. He tells them requirements for the person who will save them from their death. Which those requirements became so enormous that it would impossible for any human being to fulfill. All who looked forward to that day and believed it would be spared from the punishment of death. Flash forward we find this Man named Jesus. God said Jesus was His son. Jesus was born from a virgin as was a pre spoken requirement for the Messiah. (The name Messiah means savior.)

Jesus lived a perfect life, and I don’t mean it was an easy life. Jesus was brought before every human fault possible and did not fall prey to it. He taught and healed. Jesus also fulfilled ever requirement. Many where amazed by Him, but refused to change. We rather keep living the same way and expect a change in the world, but the world can only change if we do. There will still be murder and hate until something changes with the heart of the care takers. Remember God asked us to tend to the land and animals, look around and you will find out quickly how well we have been doing that. God knew that we could never fix our mess, that is why He sent Jesus. Jesus was killed on a cross for our sins, just like the lambs where for mankind in the beginning of this story. By the way death by cross is one of the most painful ways to die. His death was the price for our sins…

That is still not the end of the story, Easter is not about Jesus’s death. Instead it is about what happened three day’s after His death. Jesus raised Himself from the dead. This actions is important because that means He conquered Sin, death could not hold Him. He was not only the payment for the price of all of humanity’s mistakes, but He is also the ruler of the world. Tell me this have you ever meet a leader who would die for a person who has betrayed him. His death and resurrection allows us the opportunity to live with Him, instead of eternal suffering in hell.

God’s only requirement is that you would confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord, and that you believe whole heartedly that God raised Jesus from the dead. Easter is a celebration of freedom and of redemption. The people who have done what is stated above, celebrate Easter as a reminder and to praise God. That is the true historical story of Easter, hope you enjoyed it.

-R.D. Jess

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