The Dream Catcher

Please, please, you must help me! If you don’t then who will, please, they took her. The man began to slump on the counter, crying. His please came out as a whimper, please- they took her. The cop patted the mans head as he tried to calm down the situation. Ok, sir just take a breath. I will take your statement just follow me to the back. The man lifted his head, thank you!

Officer Jenkins began to think to himself as they walked to the psych room. Poor guy he looks a mess, but drug users do. It does something to them, most of these guys seem to hit a point when they go psycho. They start seeing and believing things, some are fine but this one might need to go to the psych ward. They turned a corner, officer Jenkins made sure to stand in front of the the sign. Most go crazy when they see we aren’t taking them seriously as they like. Here we are sir, take a set.

Who is that in there?

He well be writing down your statement, now take a seat. As the officer closed the door, he asked for the mans name. Michael, my name is Michael. Michael shuck, and was hesitant in sitting. He kept looking at the other man. Ok, Michael what is the name of your wife who was taken? Without taking his eyes off the man in the corner he answered officer Jinkins. Laura, her name is Laura. What’s his name, Michael pointed at the man in the corner.

That’s not important, what is important is finding your wife. Right Michael?

Slowly he nodded his head, reluctant to take his eyes of the man. Finally he conceded, he sat down and began to answer the officers questions. Ok, Michael tell us what happened.

My wife and I just moved here, we needed to start over. My wife is always so neighborly and wanted to bring baked goods to our new neighbors. You know, to get to know them a bit. Why, why, Michel began to slump again. We went to one house and he invited us in for a cup of coffee. He seemed nice, my wife asked about the thousand dream catchers he had. Tears began poor from him as he seamed to be haunted by the mans answer. He said they he made them to make money, to make money. Michel seemed to drift into a thought, lost to the world.

Jinkins wasn’t quite sure if it was smart to interrupt this behavior, He might let it go as he was getting a really bad head ache. This was going to be a rough day Jinkins thought as he rubbed his temple. Maybe he should get this down and over with. Michael? Michael are you going to finish telling us what happened?

Why is he sitting in the dark? Officer Jenkins turned to look, we must have a light out. So, back to what happened. Silence, Michel’s eyes lingered for a moment. My wife asked for the bathroom and he told her. I asked him to see more of his work, he grind. Michael drifted again, not again officer Jinkins thought. Am I going to have to keep pulling this guy out of these states, but suddenly Michael returned.

He began showing me what he had been doing for a few years, I asked him what got him into it. He said because he realized the best stories come from dreams, those words came out as a small cry. Michael started to rake his hand thru his hair. The man began to ask me if I wanted to see his big project. With crazed eyes Michael looked up at the officer. I said, I would love to. He began to chuckle, the man lead me to his basement. There was thousands of beds filled with people, hooked up to mechanism. My wife was in one of them. I ran to her and began to try to figure out how to get her out. The man followed me, be careful he told me, she is under some heavy anesthetics. If you try to unplug those cords you might unplug the one that is keeping her alive.

You see, I wasn’t lying when I told you these dream catchers were how I made money. All of these people are creating so many stories I can use to write books. I use my dream catchers to take their dreams, and some dream catchers to help put together coherent stories. That is because most of them are having dreams that make no sense until I get a hold of them. I told the man that it made no sense, and he preceded to tell me of there magical powers. Each dream catcher held its own power based off of how he made it.

Officer Jinkins asked, why didn’t he take you? Michael cleared his throat, he said he already used a dream catcher on me and discovered I lacked imagination. All of a sudden I appeared in front of the police station. Officer Jinkins repeated Michael, You all of a sudden appeared in front of the police station? Yes! Then Michael stopped, something started to click in his mind. A pen clattered to the floor and Michael jumped. Michael looked over at the man in the corner who was picking up his fallen pen. Light brushed across his face for the first time since being in the room. It was him, it was the man who took his wife!

Michael jumped up, it is him! Officer went to calm him down. It’s o-

Officer Jinkins froze and the clock stopped ticking. Michael, noticing the frozen officer quickly backed away and started pointing at the man. You, you, did this! No Michael, you did this. This man is going to have one horrible head ache because of you. These dream catchers have some bad side effects, especially this one. He lifted a small key chain, this one messes with what people preserve. Like how you are a crazy man, he began to chuckle. That’s why ever one has been weird to you, like patting you on the head while you calmly told them what was going on. Like how they would answer you with things you never said.

Thank you for following right into my trap. No one will look for your wife since you guys have been shunned by your family and you walked into this police station crazy. You will be going into the psych-ward and every one will think you are crazy.

Why are you telling me this, why not just have them think I am crazy. A sleigh smile crossed his face, I thought you might want to know. The man pulled out an open pocket watch with a dream catcher design on it. This is what pauses time, its side effect makes people nausea after I release them. Since their bodies catch up in time rapidly, making them sick. You didn’t experience it at my house because I had another dream catcher at my house that takes care of that. That ones side effect isn’t that bad, just some loss of memory. I am sorry you had to deal with it when you came to, in front of the police station. You must understand I can’t carry to many dream catchers on me at once, people would get suspicious. Plus it did also help make you look like a mad man.

Calm down Michael, you look like you are about to boil over. Michael started after him, all of a sudden he was slammed against the wall. The officer held him there for a moment before leaning to the side throwing up. Michael glanced over at the man in the corner, the stop watch was closed and he seemed to flip a little red switch near his seat. The door slammed open and many officers filled the room to control the situation, this man needs to be taken care of. I will hand over my diagnosis at the ward, be careful he is dangerous.

NO, No, he is the man who took my wife. Michael tried to reach him but was already being carried away. Shouting and struggling against the men as they dragged him down the hall way.

After officer Jinkins nausea subsided he joined the psychiatrist in the hall way. They watched Michaels rage pour out as he was taken away. Officer Jinkins asked the psychiatrist, can you explain something to me? I might depending on the question, He answered as he cleaned his glasses. Why did he only refer to the kidnapper as the man or he instead of just telling us who had his wife? Oh that’s easy, the reason is because it was a made up story. The man wasn’t real, so he didn’t put a name to him. Despite his urgency to save his wife. Officer Jinkins looked at the pocket watch in the shrinks hand, that’s an interesting pocket watch. Yeah, but it was my mothers so I keep in honor of her.

You look horrible officer, you might need to take the rest of the day off. Yeah, I am not feeling to good.


Officer Jinkins never felt so shady as he did right now. What was he thinking, by meeting a guy in the psych-ward. Something didn’t add up that day, and he was going to get to the bottom of it! Michael was brought into the room. His manner was very different from that day, almost motionless. The assistant took him to his chair then patted him on the shoulder. Good luck getting him to talk officer, he is on a lot of meds right now. The man left the two alone, yet officer Jenkins leaned in close. I am looking for your wife, and I believe our Psychist is behind it. If you can tell me what you know.

-R.D Jess

Published by reneweddream

I am a lover of writings and over the years I have collected a handful of poems and stories I have written. The more I wrote the more I realized I should do something with it, besides putting it in a box.

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