Express Selah

By- R.D. Jess

How do I express the words I feel,
When we're  separated on another field?
My love for you so great and mighty,
If only to look upon you just slightly.
To have your arms wrapped around me,
Fully captivated by my king.
You are more to me,
 This whole ordeal is deeper then it seems.
 Lord your my everything,
 Yet I feel as if I know nothing.
 And that' just your vary being.
Everything you are can't be pinned down by a human being.
We could try  with well thought out words and study,
But we are not studying honey.
No, we are studying the creator of everything,
Who created the vary fabric of every little thing.
How can we fit Him into our man made rules,
When He designed the vary make up of the earths rules.
How can we understand His love that is unfathomable,
And the balanced justice that is undeniable.
Every step I take I see how far I am away,
But I know I will be there one day.
All I want to give you is the greatest gifts,
But you already where the greatest gift.
All I have to offer is filthy rags,
Yet that doesn't make me sad.
Because that doesn't stop you coming after me,
With that you are more than just a king.

Published by reneweddream

I am a lover of writings and over the years I have collected a handful of poems and stories I have written. The more I wrote the more I realized I should do something with it, besides putting it in a box.

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