The Lone Road

The Lone Road. By R.D. Jess

The path I most travel is scorched by the sun,
Long and hard I travel alone.
My burdens wearing my soul,
Where will it lead?
where is my home?
And what will I profit,
from the road I must travel alone?
An oasis of green,
Presented before me,
And beyond my reach.
What will that land have in store?
Flowing waters?
The sweetest of dreams?
Or beauty beyond anything?
Encouraged by hope,
My feet continue,
Blackened by dirt.
Scratched and bruised,
My feet become weary.
Proof of an adventure traveled alone.
I continue on with hope.
Seeking what’s before me.
knowing His presents before me.
He whispers hope,
A light deep inside me.
Prayers keep me company,
while no one is with me.
But, someone is,
Invisible presents.
The name of hope.
He speaks softly,
I speak back to Him.
The long journey,
made not as long.
because of one reason.
I walk the lone road, not alone.

Published by reneweddream

I am a lover of writings and over the years I have collected a handful of poems and stories I have written. The more I wrote the more I realized I should do something with it, besides putting it in a box.

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