Breathless and Busy

I am sorry I have not written for quite some time, in all honesty I have missed writing. Let me take you on the wild ride I have been on for the past month. Lets start with my sister getting engaged, my family knew this was going to happen. We just had no idea when since covid-19 had put road blocks in the way, and there where a lot of road blocks. The road blocks where so much that it delayed the processes for six months. No big deal right? Wrong, My sisters husband is in the air force and was assigned to start recruiting in Texas in September. That gave me and my church three and a half weeks to put together my sisters wedding before she moved to Texas. Normally people like to have six months or so, but we made do with what we had. I did everything in my power to make sure that my sister got the wedding she always wanted. I even worked to make sure that she still got her bridal shower and the perks of a bride to be.

like most weddings we had hiccups and errors. Even though we had to work around covid-19, her wedding was beautiful. We had the wedding out side of course and social distanced. We even got a letter from our Congressmen approving and well wishing their marriage. Right after the wedding I got a job and helped my sister pack. There were two weeks of booked days, every moment stuffed with work, helping my sister pack, ministries starting up, two birthdays, three parties and helping my other sister paint and move into her new room. Oh, did I mention my Dads car died the night of the wedding? My dad works at the heart of LA and commute’s two and a half hours to work. I also needed a car, so what ended up happening was that I had to get up at 3am to take my dad to the train station. When I would get home I would only get three more hours of sleep before waking up and teaching my siblings. Yes, they where homeschooled all their lives not just when covid-19 hit. Once I finished teaching my siblings I would go to work. After work I would be either helping one of my siblings (I have 6 siblings) or taking off to do a ministry at church. I also had to make dinner, keep the house clean, pick up my dad from work and some how find time with my God and family.

I know there are some people who are out there who have a harder life and schedule then I do. So I am grateful for my life and have so much respect for them. I feel so out of breath and weak, as if I am in this long race with time. A game I feel is never meant to be won. I am excited to be getting back to writing and getting to know you guys more. If you have made it this far through my long post, congratulations and thank you for taking the time to do so. Let me know if there are times in your life that you just can’t win and your out of breath from running so long. Also feel free to let me know if you have anything you would like prayer for, I know prayer can go a long way. Thanks again for reading and God bless.


Published by reneweddream

I am a lover of writings and over the years I have collected a handful of poems and stories I have written. The more I wrote the more I realized I should do something with it, besides putting it in a box.

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