The Glass coffin

Do you feel it? The grass beneath your feet, the grass wet with the dew the morning brought us. I love this sensation, a feeling of being rooted to the earth while still being able to move on. Sometimes I fear that one day I wouldn’t be able to connect to the ground and I would slowly drift off into no where. I would be garbing at nothing to try to bring myself back to ground, but I would just frantically grab at nothing. Other days I would fear that my feet would be too rooted in the ground that my life would completely stop, a tree would grow around me as I would reach out for a help that would never come. This would never be the case, but sometimes that image would scare me into doing something for a time before I would go back to wandering the grounds of where I am most comfortable.

Today I am meeting up with an old friend Sephtis Jones, well I don’t know if friend is the right word. We only became sort of close in high school when a huge drama unfolded and I took his side of the matter. He ended up being kicked out of school and I never saw him again. That is until today, I received a letter from him a week ago saying he wanted to reconnect. I figured why not, I never believed he was guilty so why would I treat him like a criminal. We are to meet at the paradise field, an old hangout place. It was called paradise field because it felt like you where in paradise when you would visit. It is a long field of the softest grass I have ever known, wild flowers of all colors grew here. Many tall fruit trees lived here as well, perfect for shade and a snack if ever needed. My favorite part was the near by river that had a huge water fall, a place made of only dreams.

It is very nostalgic, I would always walk through here with bare feet. That is why I decided to honor that with taking off my nude heals and walk to the old apple tree bare footed. That is where I am supposed to meet Sephits, I throw my heals down near the tree and look out to the vast beauty in front of me. I feel slightly ashamed with most of the memories here, how often would I share my dreams here and I’d never follow through with them. A big whack happened to the back of my head, I thought an apple had fallen and landed on my head. I put my hand on the back of my head to eases the pain as I turned to look at the tree. As if that would make the tree think twice about dropping one of those delicious apples on my head. To my surprise when I turned my head I discovered that my enemy was not the tree’s falling apples, but Sephits with a bat. Before I could put together what I was seeing Sephits hit me once again, and every thing went black.

I awoke in this eerie room encased in a glass box, everything seemed dark. Dark yet I could see, I tried to move but I lay frozen on the ground… Sephits most have drugged me, I tried to scream but nothing came out. I went back to trying to move, I couldn’t shake this feeling that I was in a cold grave. I needed to get moving before he would come back, and maybe make an escape. I was finally able to move my toes, my fingers, then my hand. Slowly regaining strength in my mussels in order to sit up, I tired to scream again but it was barley audible. I began to stand, but lost balance and ran into the glass wall that had enclosed me. I fell back and landed on my bum. I rubbed my head in frustration, my hand became wet and warm. I pulled my hand to my view to see it covered in blood, that most be from when Sephits hit me with his bat. A shadow appeared in the distance “Sephits”, I arose slower this time and braced myself against the glass wall. What do you want, I have done nothing to you. Silence, he just walked in the dark distance. He was like a dark shadow in no way identifiable moving with an eerie stance.

A flash of light appeared, but not from a distance. As if it was directly coming of my glass coffin, the light continued as slowly a picture appeared. Like a screen came to life as millions of voices came through an unknown portal. Quickly I watched a life play before me Yet it felt like it was slow and detailed. A little girls life filled with deep pain and darkness. Tears began to flow as I related with her pain, If only I could jump through the screen and tell her to hang on. To give her a hug and tell her of how it is best to move on. She reached for a knife and thought long and hard, I screamed “no, no, no, don’t do it” as if she could hear me. Maybe she did since she dropped it, I became overwhelmed by every feeling she felt. Feeling it as if it was my own, she moved on and almost became something great but backed out. That pattern repeated itself over and over again, this was heart wrenching since you could see the great potential she had. I closed my eyes I couldn’t stand watching this anymore, the screen faded out as if it knew I wasn’t watching it any more.

I opened my eyes to see the shadow was closer than before. Why? Why are you showing me this, there is no point. It has nothing to do with us.

The shadow responded, “oh, but it has to do with everything about us”. It stepped forward and said “by the time you understand it will be to late.

Sephits, I don’t understand, I have never harmed you. I was on your side, I believed you.

I am not Sephits, yet him and I are a lot alike. The shadow continued with almost a screechy tone, you where not on his side. You believed him yes, put when it came time for you to stand up for him. Well, lets say you took the way out. You knew out of everyone their the pain he was feeling, and you left.

NO, I couldn’t do anything for him. No one would have believed him, and I am nothing. I wouldn’t be any help, that’s why I said nothing.

The screechy whisper seemed to scream back at me. NO, You could have helped. The worst part is that you could have helped so many people that have come into your life, but you silence yourself through fear. How many souls could you have saved, how many lives would have become everything. But your silence has killed you all. The shadow walked away as the screen re- appeared right where I left off. Maybe the shadow was right, how often did I silence myself just like this little girl was doing. I had grown so attached to her that every time she would become silent and would go with the flow; I wanted to jump through the screen to shake some sense into her. I was watching this girl throw away her life as she tried to appease everyone. Every time loosing a little bit more of her self, becoming a slave to the worlds demands. She was once a lively Girl going to change the world through her love and compassion. In stead she is one with the nine to five job every one told her to take, that place took away every last drop of her imagination. Married a man she knew was not for her, but every one insisted that love comes softly.

She sort of poured herself in humanitarian work, wanting the world to be better for every one else. Yet, she never took on her dreams, every one said she could do that in her every day to day life. Always wanting to fulfill, then second guessing herself. All those moments she could have brought glory to God. All those moments she wanted to present those gifts to God, then always feeling guilty for never doing them. The more I saw her life I cried, Me and her where alike. She touched the mirror in front of her, she was unsure of who she was; for a lack of better words ashamed. I went to touch the screen in order to touch her hand, maybe to south my pain or hers. For a moment we stood crying and our hands only separated by space and time. I starred at her for a long while, as if through my eyes I was telling her I know how you feel. Then her eyes turned into my eyes, she was me.

I quickly backed away, no, no, no, this can’t be. I looked at my hands as if they where the cause of the problem, I looked up to see her starring back at me. More like me starring back at me, the screen disappeared and the shadow was right in front of me. He began to laugh as he paced around the glass box, I needed to ask him the question that is now swarming my head; Am I dead? He laughed some more before telling me this.

“Not yet, but soon. Whatever you are thinking now, it’s to late.”

The screen came back on and I watched me being dragged by Saphits. I pulled my hands to my mouth as I knew full well what was to come next. I am about to die and I have left behind a life not worth dying for. If only I could change it, go back and make a difference. but I couldn’t time has ran out, and every life is just a race of time against time, a battle no one can win. Saphits dragged me to the edge of the water fall and threw me in, cold, then black, then nothing.

Water is violent and powerful, that is almost what makes it beautiful. That water is so cold, it could make your life flash before your eyes said sheriff mills. If I where to die, that would not be how I would want it done; but I am not plotting my own death. They pulled Esther mayfield out of the water, but you would not know it was her since she had been eaten by the sharp rocks of this mighty power. The sheriff walked up to the body and just shuck his head. You really never know what you are going to see next in this Job, lets get her to the coroner to see if we can find anything out. I doubt it since she is really mangled, has anyone talked to the eye witness yet?

Yes sir, we are told the woman walked to an apple tree, took of her shoes and left her purse. After that she walked to the ledge and jumped into the water fall.

Did you get the witness’ name?

Yes, our witness’ name is Sephits Jones the new owner of paradise fields.

-R.D. Jess

Published by reneweddream

I am a lover of writings and over the years I have collected a handful of poems and stories I have written. The more I wrote the more I realized I should do something with it, besides putting it in a box.

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