I've heard its a Relationship not a Religion, then what is it we believe in?
We separate Religion and relationship, as if this will keep us from crashing a ship.
But I believe this is wrong, I don't want to be a sounding gong.
Are you saying you believe in a relationship? I guess I do too, but were missing the worship. 
Our religion isn't pagan, unless you worship your congregation.
I don't care if I pop your bubble, because I see your in trouble. 
Religion is the truth, but we've seen it's miss use.
Religion wasn't the problem, that we look like Sodom.
We embrace sin's proposition, then we blame the word religion.
Maybe this is why we are complacent, we shoved our religion in the basement.
Maybe the problem is so wide, because we are stuck in our pride.
I'll take my religious relationship, while you enjoy your vacation trip.
There is something more to this, Right? I hope all of you see the light.
Because it is both a religion and a relationship, plus something deeper then all of this. 
-by R.D. Jess

Published by reneweddream

I am a lover of writings and over the years I have collected a handful of poems and stories I have written. The more I wrote the more I realized I should do something with it, besides putting it in a box.

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